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Gigahertz-Solutions MK10 EMF measuring kit. Two devices for EMF and RF. • Low frequency (EMF): 16 Hz – 2 kHz • High frequency (RF): 800 MHz – 2.7 GHz


Gigahertz-Solutions MK10 EMF measuring kit. The basic equipment containing the HF32D and ME3030B in a rugged plastic case, allows an easy evaluation of the personal exposure to RF and EMF electrosmog according to the guidelines and recommended safe values of the “Standard of Building Biology Measuring Techniques” (© Maes, IBN).

  • Even the two cheapest devices display the measured values reliably and directly in the respective units of the building biological precautionary values – without any calculations being necessary.
  • With both devices, the “Geiger counter effect” helps to find areas with increased load.
  • The direction-finding antenna of the HF32D proves the decisive advantage over compact detectors when locating – often hidden – radiation sources.
  • The Gigahertz-Solutions measurement instructions are expressly written for technically inexperienced, private lay users. Step by step, they guide you through the measurements to ensure reliable measured values.
  • Of course, the recognized building biological guideline values for sleeping places (SBM) are included in the instructions. This enables a reliable assessment of the personal stress situation – if necessary, as a basis for effective protective measures.
  • As the only developer and manufacturer of electrosmog measuring instruments, we can build on a large number of our own patents, so that our devices are metrologically trendsetting in every price range.
  • The devices are safely stored in the supplied plastic case with protective moulded foam insert.

Technical explanations of the HF32D and ME3030B

  • What we are particularly proud of: The MK10 EMF measuring kit is fully frequency-compensated and linear, i.e., all polluters are included in the measured value display exactly according to their share of the total load. Extremely important for a meaningful measurement, difficult to realize and therefore hardly to be found in this price range.
  • Sensitivity (smallest display resolution): HF32D: 1 μW/m² (high-frequency power flux density), ME3030B: 1 V/m / 1 nT (electric / magnetic field).
  • For detailed specifications and the technical data of the individual devices, we ask you to look directly on the corresponding product pages

Technical Specification

Even the two cheapest devices developed and produced by us HF32D and ME3030B allow a meaningful assessment of the personal load situation with electrosmog by the most common RF radiation sources (mobile phone, WLAN and Co.) as well as high-voltage lines, electrics in the household, etc. Even if the higher 5G frequencies are on everyone’s lips: The most important sources of stress will still be covered by the HF35C for a very long time.
  • Band: Consisting of the HF32D and ME3030B
  • Warranty: Two-year warranty, technical data see individual devices

Delivery Time: Usually between 3 – 4 business days

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg

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PDF Data SheetManual_GigahertzSolutions_HF32D_HF35C_rev22_INT
PDF Data SheetManual_GigahertzSolutions_ME3030B ME3830B ME3840B_rev22_INT

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