Terms and Conditions

1) All our offers, deliveries, contractual services and sales contracts are exclusively subject to the conditions of sale and delivery mentioned below.

2) Effectivity: To be effective, orders must be confirmed by us or our authorized representative in writing, by fax or electronic mail.

3) Prices: Duties and taxes included. All prices in pounds sterling. Our prices are quoted ex factory. Costs of packing, transportation and insurance shall be borne by the customer. Please contact us for shipping quotes. In some countries there are duties and taxes imposed on your order that aren’t included in our prices. All UK based orders are Delivered Duty Paid (DDP). Please check with your local Customs office. Some countries may also charge an additional handling fee for delivery. Unless otherwise agreed, the actual published price lists as of the date of the respective sales agreement are effective.

4) Payment options: Pay per credit card, PayPal or advance payment. Goods remain the property of Electro Smog Shielding, until final payment has been received in full.

5) Product information: For all products the latest available product information sheets are applicable. Product information sheets are available e.g. on our website www.electrosmogshielding.co.uk

6) Product returns: If you are not entirely delighted with the products that you have chosen you may return them to us within 14 days of receipt. Customer tailored products such as shielding material sold by the meter, and opened paint bins are not returnable. Before sending back product, the customer is required to contact Electro Smog Shielding per email, telephone or in writing. Electro Smog Shielding will then decide how to further proceed and inform the customer accordingly. The costs of the return have to be borne by the customer.

7) Warranty: 12 Months warranty is applicable for all Electro Smog Shielding products. This warranty does not limit other warranties as prescribed by law.

8) Safety: The customer is responsible for handling and processing Electro Smog Shielding products in a safe manner. The customer is also responsible for observation of all applicable safety procedures, especially for the prevention of electrical accidents. It is mandatory for the customer to follow the instructions on applicable “Handling and Processing” instruction sheets (available from Electro Smog Shielding for Electro Smog Shielding, shielding products). “Handling and Processing” instruction sheets will be shipped with product, where applicable.

9) Grounding: All EMR-Shielding paints (and other shielding products) must be properly grounded in order to not present a potential safety hazard for occupants. The customer is responsible for proper grounding of products. Grounding has to be designed and installed in such a manner, that it cannot be removed or damaged, e.g. by children playing, by pet animals (especially cats and rodents) or by any other accident. The customer is also responsible to visually inspect grounding installation regularly, to maintain grounding installation and repair, if necessary. Depending on local regulations in some countries grounding may require a licensed electrician. The customer is responsible to follow all applicable laws and standards. Refer to “Handling and Processing” instruction sheets for further information.

10) Disclaimer: Electrical products and installations can and do pose a risk to consumer safety if improperly handled. This also applies for all Electro Smog Shielding EMR shielding products. Electro Smog Shielding therefore disclaims all responsibility for material damage, personal injury and death due to improper handling of Electro Smog Shielding products. To this date we have not been informed of a single case of an electrical accident with EMR shielding material involved. However, if by mistake or accident connected to a source of electrical energy, shielding material will conduct electricity and be a possible source of electroshock and electrocution. The customer will not hold Electro Smog Shielding responsible for any such incident