EMF Radiation Shielding Curtains | Sewing Service

Curtains sewed to size.

● Curtains with a heading tape on top and a lead weight at the bottom.
● Curtains with a drawstring on top and a lead weight at the bottom.
Ideally, the curtains have a rectangular shape. However, we also try to sew other shapes or wishes (e.g., hook-and-loop fasteners or tunnel for pole) upon request without any extra charge!

Consequently, you only pay for the linear metres for your chosen fabric (e.g., 4.5 linear metres of New Daylite) + 14.95 GBP per curtain panel (for labour & accessories)

We accept orders for custom-made curtains only by email to sales@electrosmogshielding.co.uk, as this requires special attention. The delivery time for these curtains is only 3 – 6 working days.

Showing 1–12 of 18 results

Showing 1–12 of 18 results

Fabric widths

Our shielding fabrics have widths from 130 cm to 260 cm. We can use the width either as height or width of a curtain. As regards width, about 8 cm will be lost due to the edging. As regards height, about 15 cm will be lost due to the heading tape and the lead weight. Consequently, width and height of a fabric depend on the fabric width! Example: If you want to cover an area of 400 cm (width) x 230 cm (height): 1) With Naturell you need 4.0 linear meters (LM) as the 250 cm of the Naturell are sufficient for the required height of 230 cm. 2) With Silver-Tulle you need 6.9 linear meters for 3 curtains. If you need assistance in calculating the measures of your curtain(s), we will be pleased to help you!

Front side / Back side

Some fabrics (e.g. Silver-Twin, Steel-Twin) have a light front side and a dark back side with metal threads. By default, the light side faces the room. Please let us know if you would like to hang the fabric the other way round.

Dimensions / Size accuracy

We understand your stated dimensions as final dimensions (sewed curtains incl. heading tape or drawstring, hemmed edges, etc.). If you wish drapery you should add 20-50 % for the width! For most fabrics we achieve a size accuracy of +/- 2 cm. Stretchy fabrics (e.g. Silver-Tulle, Perspective) are more difficult to sew, size accuracy can be up to +/- 5 cm!

Best possible shielding

As a general point, it should be noted that shielding as such is more important than a perfect optic!
Curtains must cover the complete window, window sill included. In front of doors they must contact the floor! Only in this way will it be possible to achieve a continuous shielding as unshielded gaps will be covered also.
Always cover window apertures in such a way that the walls next to them are covered as well (20-40 cm). Only if the inner wall shielding (e.g. shielding paint) overlaps with the shielding fabric you will achieve a good result.
If possible, curtains are to be put up with only little distance to the wall. The larger the gap, the more electromagnetic radiation may get through it.