MagnetShield | High saturation | Static-Magnet shielding


MagnetShield. High saturation static Magnet shielding. Usually reduces fields up to a factor of 2 or 3 depending on size/shape of the shield.


MagnetShield. First line of defence for shielding strong static magnetic fields from magnets & speakers. Also for small transformers and motors. Strong magnetic fields are harder to shield because they tend to “saturate” the shielding material. This 4″ wide sheet Iron alloy is a hefty .010″ thick and has an exceptionally high magnetic saturation of 21400 Gauss and maximum permeability of 4000. Tin plated for excellent corrosion resistance and better conductivity, it can be soldered or painted.

Applications Notes:

– The magnets will be attracted to the MagnetShield (this is true of ALL magnetic shielding alloys). If you want to shield 2 adjacent magnets from each other, each magnet should have its own shield.
– The size, shape, and position of the shield all matter in terms of shield performance. For example, larger shields are better than small shields. Closer to the magnet is better than farther from the magnet. And parallel to the magnetic field lines is better than perpendicular to them.
– You will likely need more than one layer of shielding material, depending on the strength of your magnets. More layers = more attenuation.

Technical Specification

Width: 4 Inches
Length: 1 foot (12 inches)

Mechanical Specifications
Specific Gravity: 7.86
Coefficient of Expansion: 13.7 x 10-6 per °C
Tensile Strength: 42 x 10³ PSI
Yield Strength: 27 x 10³ PSI
Mod. of Elasticity: 30 x 106 PSI
Hardness (Rockwell B): 50 Ref.
Melting Point: 1532°C
Thermal Conductivity: 0.118 cal/sec/cm²/cm/°C at 20°C
Minimum Operating Temp: 4°K
Curie Temp: 770°C
Carbon Content: .07%

Electromagnetic Specifications
Electrical Resistivity: 64 ohms/cir mil-foot
Saturation Induction: 21,400 Gauss
Initial Permeability: 200
Permeability at 40 B: 300
Permeability at 200 B: 500
Maximum Permeability: 4000
Induction at m max.: 8000
Coercive Force: 1.0 Hc, Oersteds

Delivery Time: Usually between 2 – 3 business days

Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg

Additional Information

MagnetShield typically reduces fields up to a factor of 2 or 3 depending on size/shape of the shield. Can be used in multiple layers. Annealing is not necessary with this material.

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