EMF Shielding Paints

To shield walls, ceilings and roofs against electromagnetic radiation we recommend to use EMF shielding paints. These paints can be universally applied and they are easy to handle and process. All paints are shielding without metal particles using only carbon. Therefore they offer perfect corrosion resistance and long-term durability.

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Showing all 10 results

Common Characteristics of all Shielding Paints

Carefully Selected Ingredients

YSHIELD shielding paints do not contain toxic solvents, plasticisers, or any other toxic ingredients;they only contain marginal amounts of VOC containing components. Therefore they are low-emission products and meet the strictest standards for application in "Building Biology" projects. All ingredients are selected carefully, according to their high quality; and their safety for the environment and for all humans who get in contact with the paint: the factory personnel, the painters applying the paint, and the individuals occupying the rooms shielded with YSHIELD shielding paints.

Simple handling and processing

YSHIELD shielding paints can be universally applied. The shielding paints are easy to apply, even in structured rooms with bays, pitched roofs and dormers. House painters recommend YSHIELD's shielding paints for ease of application. All shielding paints are best applied with a paint roller.

Perfect Corrosion resistance

Most shielding products containing metal components are not adequately protected against corrosion.YSHIELD shielding paints are shielding without metal particles using only carbon. Therefore they offer perfect corrosion resistance (no oxidizing) and long-term durability.
Security and protection even against future High-Frequency applications

Due to its holohedral structure, without fibers or meshes, all YSHIELD shielding paints offer almost constant attenuation, without preferred direction of polarization, for frequencies of up to 18 GHz. This means: perfect protection against future developments of the telecommunications industry in the higher Gigahertz range is guaranteed, when using our shielding paints.

Common handling and processing instructions

Underground / Subsurface: Underground needs to be solid, clean, degreased and dry. Interior:Shielding paints may be applied over existing emulsion paint, wallpaper, construction boards, cement, plaster, etc. Exterior: Shielding paints may be applied on concrete, plaster, cement, facade emulsion.