YSHIELD® Silvered zip fastener | 32 mm | 1 metre


Silvered zip fastener for EMF fabrics – Width: 32 mm

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For sewing reclosable openings in canopies, mobile pockets, shielding bags, EMC tents, intelligent clothing, etc.. Suitable for all shielding fabrics and meshes. Due to the full silvering the surface is consistently conductive with a good resistance even over the gap! Ideally, the zip fasteners are preferably sewed up with silvered sewing yarns.

There is no slider included. Please order suitable sliders, see our product recommendations below.

Silver products

  • Silver products discolour with time and often already have discolorations right from the start. If you don’t want to accept staining or discolorations, please choose Swiss-Shield® fabrics.
  • Silver fabrics have a limited durability, depending on the frequency of movement.
  • Our silver fabrics do not contain any nano silver, but a thick metallic silver coating.

Technical Specification

  • Width: 32 mm
  • Length: Available by the meter
  • Highest quality from Germany due to the following certifications, approvals: ROHS, REACH, ISO 9001:2000
  • Surface conductivity: 1.3 ohm (square resistance)
  • Material: Polyamid with a 99 % pure silver plating
  • Durability: Approx. 5000 x opening and closing
  • Temperature resistance: 90 °C

Delivery Time: Usually between 2 – 3 business days

Additional information

Weight0.050 kg
Dimensions5 × 5 × 4 cm
PDF Data SheetYSHIELD 225

Additional Information

There is no slider included. Please order suitable sliders in Fabrics category.

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