Cruz Quantum Slider Case

Cruz Quantum Slider Case
Never Change Your Phone Case Again- Even when you change Phones!

The Cruz Quantum Slider Case lets you secure and use your phone inside a maximum radiation protective case cover. Match your phone size to either the mid-size 4.5″-5.2″ (11.43cm x 13.2cm) case or to the large 5.5″-6″ (13.97cm x 15.24cm) Cruz Quantum Case. Then press your phone with or without its current case onto the SureGrip slider pad. Be sure to clean the back of the phone first. Slide phone up to take picture. Slide back into case for complete protection.

The medium size Cruz Quantum Case fits mid-size and smaller phones like the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, Samsung: S5,S6,S7, HTC: HTC One M7, 10 mini, HTC One, HTC Desire 610t/D610 and more. While the larger case fits iPhone6/6s plus, iPhone7 plus Samsung: Note3, Note4, Note5, S6 Edge, S6Plus, S7 edge Note 7 and more…

Weight Price
Quantum Slider Case / Large / Blue ThunderQuantum LG BLU 0.02 kg £47.94
Quantum Slider Case / Large / Blue Thunder A slight brushed finished highlighting the excitement of this phone case style.
Quantum Slider Case / Large / Soft Touch BlackQuantum LG BLK 0.02 kg £47.94
Quantum Slider Case / Large / Soft Touch Black The soft touch has a skin like texture. Very resistant to dirt and stains
Quantum Slider Case / Medium / Gold VIPQuantum MD GDV 0.02 kg £47.94
Quantum Slider Case / Medium / Gold VIP Blends in with most any outfit you wear. Very durable.
Quantum Slider Case / Medium / Red WineQuantum MD RW 0.02 kg £47.94
Quantum Slider Case / Medium / Red Wine Red Wine is a soft classic brushed metallic finish. This case gets attention
Quantum Slider Case / Medium / Zebra GraffitiQuantum MD ZEB 0.02 kg £47.94
Quantum Slider Case / Medium / Zebra Graffiti Cruz Quantum slider cases keep the camera lens away from dirt when not in use.

Technical Specification

Maximum Cell Phone Radiation Protection you can buy
Close flip cover then Talk/Listen through Cruz Flip Cover.
To take pictures, slide up the phone from the protection back.
Slide phone up to take pictures. Slide back down when finish.
Protects and keeps camera lens clean.
Reflects back the powerful radio signals directed to head and body.
Multiple colours to choose from. Enjoy a different case for every occasion.
360 degree drop protection to your phone.
Privacy guard for incoming calls and texts.
Credit Card holder support 2 cards.
Display Screen protection.
Superior dent resistant silicone bumper guard.
Dirt resistance cover and liner
RFID blocker protects credit card scanning.
Hidden Magnetic Flip Lid help to keep lid closed.
Always keep the Cruz Case flip lib between you and your phone.
Ages: Anyone using a mobile phone. Friends and family. Men and Women. Boys and girls.
Protection without changing how you use your phone

Colours: Black/Zebra/Wine/Blue/Gold.

Delivery Time: Usually between 2 - 3 working days

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