Rom Elektronik/RF/Meter Frequency Master IV

Rom Elektronik/RF/Meter Frequency Master IV
Innovative RF-meter from 900 MHz up to 10 GHz. With outstanding features!

This new RF-meter from Rom-Elektronik it's packed with many innovative features:
Wide frequency range from 900 MHz up to 10 GHz
Backlit LC-display with 3 lines for simultaneous pulsed and non-pulsed measurement reading
Indication of the detected signal namely
Comfortable key operation: On/Off, volume control, display illumination, Peak Hold

Now - The Ability to measure up to 10 Gigahertz! Enjoy reliable, easy to use, handheld professional measurement up to 10 GHz. At last the professional can go beyond the 3.3 GHz measurement range with a portable device! Detect the new digital TV broadcasting, mobile radio frequencies, cordless and mobile phones, latest Wi-Fi, WiMAX, IEEE, UTMS-WCDMA bands, 5.8 GHz Bluetooth and many RADAR frequencies.
Compare – Discover the Advanced Features and Value: Turn on your device with a touch pad switch, choose your antenna, then your measurement value in μW/m2 or mV/m and you are ready to measure with stand-alone analysis. So easy to use. Detect high frequency values in many different ways with both quantitative and intuitive analysis.
The multi function lighted digital displays in three ways simultaneously:
1) the pulsed or non-pulsed numerical value in μW/m2 or mV/m,
2) the pulsed or non-pulsed bar graph strength and
3) text message with ROM SMART “Hear and See” technology indicating the predominate detected frequency band. For example, the display will show in text: GSM, WLAN, DECT. In addition there is easy read intuitive analysis with LED colored display of safety limits and an automatic signal light when UTMS-WCDMA is detected. Also there is a built in speaker for audio high frequency analysis.

Digital reading with 3 - Line backlight display of values
1. Units of measure in μW/m2 or mV/m
2. Bar graph of pulsed and unpulsed radiation
3. Text description of predominate “Heard” Signal"
LED colored display - Quick glance of safety values. Quick glance of LED colored lights indicate GREEN (within limits), YELLOW (above limits), RED (limits with remedial action recommended) according to Building biology safety standards
Automatic signal light when UTMS-WCDMA signal is Detected. A separate signal lamp, lights up when UMTS-typical WCDMA signal components are detected.
Digital bar graphs display pulsed and unpulsed radiation
ROM SMART “Hear and See” Technology. Determine the predominate source of radiation easily. The Frequency Master IV uses ROM SMART “Hear and See” Filter Technology. HOW IT WORKS: When a high frequency signal is detected and heard the predominate signal will be identifi ed and displayed as text. For example, a “heard” predominate Cordless DECT telephone signal will be displayed as text the display as “DECT.” Or the Wireless Internet as “ WLAN”. Or the mobile phone as “GSM”.
Acoustic sounds of frequencies from built in speaker for sound analysis
6 Multi-Function illuminated push buttons
1. Peak Hold Memory Button
2. μW/m2 or mV/m selection
3. Antennae Selection – large (900 MHz - 2.6 GHz) or small (2.0 GHz to 11 GHz)
4. Backlite Display activation
5. On/Off button
6. Volume Control
Includes two antennas: A large antenna for 900 MHz to 2.6 GHz frequencies, a small antenna for 2.4 GHz to 10 GHz frequencies. Optional: biconical antenna for 50 MHz to 3 GHz frequencies
OUTPUTS: Headset Jack Output, Computer USB and RS-232 Interface Ready - PC software option farreaching, analysis and recording from analog output
Built in USB Battery Charger with Long Lasting Battery. Battery Lasts Up to 24 hours per Charge! Built in Battery Charger – also with USB charging capability
Attractive Durable Aluminum Casing

Weight Price
Rom Elektronik/Meter Frequency Master IVRomElektronik 2 kg £1261.88

Technical Specification

Measuring range: 0.1 μW/m² up to 50,000 μW/m²
Frequency range: 900 MHz up to 10 GHz; With an optional antenna from 1 MHz up to 10 GHz
Accuracy: +/- 3 dB
Display: Backlit LC-display
Interfaces: Headset output, USB-port
Power supply: Built-in NiMH-accu for 24 hours of operation
Delivery scope: Meter, antenna 900 MHz to 2.6 GHz, antenna 2.4 GHz to 11 GHz, mains adaptor, instruction manual in German and English
Delivery Time: Usually between 2 - 3 working days

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