EchoTubeZ Radiation-Free Air Tube Headset(White)

EchoTubeZ Radiation-Free Air Tube Headset(White)
Health and music in one great design

EchoTubeZ® Radiation-Free Air Tube headset blocks 98% of your cell phones radiation emission. Built to stand up to your active life and to protect your health while preserving a Deep, clear sound, so you'll love the music you love even more.

We want you to have outstanding sound experience while maintaining good health; this is exactly why we at EchoTubeZ® have found the perfect combination. The perfect listening experience requires the perfect fit. We completely redesigned EchoTubeZ® and included removable 4 different ear buds to provide a customizable fit for precise sound quality

Weight Price
1 x White EchoTubeZEchoTubeZ/WH 0.07 kg £24.99
2 x White EchoTubeZ EchoTubeZ/WHX2 0.14 kg £41.99

Technical Specification

98% up to 98% radiation reduction.
Sounds awesome with all smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and anything that has a universal 5mm connector.
Clip style, you can wear comfortably around your neck.
Sound signal ratio: 95Db, high quality stereo sound.
Remote control module on the headset allows you to play, skip, select answer and end a phone call.
Additional 3 sets of different size ear-tips that fit comfortably to any user.

Sensitivity: 110±3Db SPL/3Mw/5cm at 1KHz
Range of frequency: 20 HZ-20KHz
Resistance: 16Ohm ± 15%
Rated Power: 3mW
Capacity: 5mW
Lead wire length: 75cm 100cm
Colour: White

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