Ionic Smoke Purifier HF 88

Smoke and odour from cigarettes smoke not only adds pollution to the air and lowers the oxygen content but also irritates the senses of other people. The HF 88 Ionic Smoke Removing Air Purifier will improve the environment surrounding smokers.

It produces negative ions continuously to clean and freshen the air in your room. The design of HF 88 is trendy with intricate components. It operates silently without emitting odour or chemicals on dual AC/DC power up to 24 hours a day. Continuous operation costs only pennies a month.

Weight Price
HF88HF88 0.04 kg £26.25

Technical Specification

All ionic breeze technology
AC/DC dual power, use anywhere you go
Energy saving, spend only £0.10 a month
Silent operation, peaceful and safe
Round the clock operation, no hassle of turning on/ off
Neutralize odour, emit no chemicals
Delivery Time: 2 working days

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