Air Ioniser HF 100 Ionic Air Purifier

An ideal purifier for small areas such as bedrooms and office spaces

The HF 100 helps remove airborne pollutants from the air right down to the sub micron level (less than 0.015 microns). It generates millions of Negative Ions to stimulate natural cleaning process. The unit also deposits the pollutants onto its collector plate (not removable) and requires only a periodic wipe for maintenance.

Weight Price
HF 100 Ioniser/blackHF100 1 kg £25.74

Technical Specification

Uses advanced ion generation technology
Noiseless operation (no moving parts)
No filter replacement necessary, easy to clean
Comes with wall and car adapter
Low power consumption (only 3.4 watts per day)

Colours Available: Black
Delivery Time: 2 working days inc tracking

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