Gigahertz-Solutions/EMF-Meter (ME3851A)

This device represents the low-cost access to the professional low-frequency measurement technology. Its functions and features are tailored to the needs and practical experiences of the building biologist.

Weight Price
EMF-MeterME3851A 0.6 kg £383.47

Technical Specification

Comprises all features of the ME3840B, and additionally offers:

Responsivity increased by a factor of 10 (minimum display resolution: 0.1 V/m / 0.1 nT).
NiMH battery, battery charger / power supply unit included.
An AC- and a DC-output.
Increased reliability by the use of a test switching mode for the zero deviation.
Perfectly suitable also for potential-free measurements with the help of the potential-free mounting for LF measurement devices.

Delivery Time: Usually between 2 - 3 working days

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